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NDIT Presentations

Erika presented 3 posters using NDIT data at the 23rd Society for Research on Nicotine & Tobacco (SRNT) meeting in Florence, Italy, in March 2017.






Erika (NDIT project coordinator) and Erin (McGill grad student) presented 3 posters using NDIT data at the 2011 Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) Annual Conference (Montreal June 2011).


• Do physically active young adults use waterpipe?

• Early predictors of suicidal ideation in young adults.

• Does meeting physical activity guidelines relate to depression in young adults?



Erin, a McGill grad student (funded by PORT), presented a poster on physical activity and anxiety at the 3rd International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health - Toronto (May 5-10, 2010).





Erika (NDIT project coordinator) and Jennifer (NDIT principal investigator) presented 3 NDIT related posters at the 12th Annual Meeting of the SRNT Europe in Bath (England) - September 2010.

• Simulation of the Effect of an Intervention That Reduces the Number of Friends  Who Smoke on Transition from Non- to Daily  Smoking in Adolescents

• A Prognostic Tool to Identify Youth at High Risk of Becoming Daily Smokers

• Measures of Nicotine Dependence in Adolescents: An Update of the Evidence 2000-10




Erika, our NDIT project coordinator, presented a poster on the risk factors for developing cravings, withdrawal symptoms and tolerance in adolescents at the 30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions of the Society for Behavioral Medicine, Behavioral Medicine: From Evidence to Practice & Policy - Montreal (April 22-25, 2009).